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One decision and twenty weeks to market.

Order now and you have a green, safe, powerful and cost-efficient data centre with free air cooling running in twenty weeks, or move your IT into our  TIERIII+ DC and enjoy the colo benefits, including available support by top class Partners within Managed Services, Added Value Services, Migration Services and Financial Solution Services on request

Your data centre can be ready at

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We offer  colocation data centres, permit ready sites for data centres and site development services to your needs.

Find out how we strive to be one of the most attractive data centre agencies in Scandinavia

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Go green the white way!

Jokkmokk tops the hydropower production in Sweden.
11 hydroelectric power plants put you in the heartland of an annual output of 11,5 TWh.

This means that you, summer as winter, benefit from unlimited and troublefree access to green electricity.
Our sites are concentrated around the grid origin which maximizes redundancy opportunities.

You may also enjoy electricity at rates that are significantly lower than in, for example, central Europe.

Permit readiness as a Service.

Our 5-stage development process is designed to reach permit ready sites in order to minimize your time to market. We prefer sites, ours or yours, to be permit ready before we include them in our portfolio.
Furthermore, our development process includes the preparation of detailed expansion plans for model turnkey sites, that are optimized with respect to time and highlight which necessary decisions need to be taken and when (given local conditions in all respects), all in order to enable you as fast, smooth and efficient expansions as possible.

TTM equaling hardware installment time is our obvious aim and working in an environment characterized of a smaller, and more agile, permit-handling organization enables us to achieve this.

365 shades of white, now how cool isn’t that?

Our climate offers you one of the coolest possible business advantages.The location within the Arctic Circle gives at hand an annual mean temperature below zero degrees Celsius. This is for example more than 11 degrees Celsius lower than in the city of London.

Temperatures rarely exceed 20 degrees Celsius even in the summer, which provides you the opportunity of free air cooling more or less on a 24/7/365 basis.

From the top of Scandinavia – reach out at the speed of light.

Our fiber network connects you to the regional and national core network via multiple nodes with a robust redundancy. Our sites are, from start, equipped with several accesses and can of course be upgraded or tailored to your desire. From our northern location, on the top of Scandinavia, the latency to Frankfurt, Germany, is less than 50 ms. Your latency to Stockholm is 19 ms (round trip measurement) and your reach from there is 800,000,000 people within 50 ms.

The fiber infrastructure is designed to support the regional heavy industries of hydropower and mining and will certainly assist you in running a world leading business.

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We are pleased to immediately deal with all your queries.

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